Landscaping is a business that takes knowledge, training, and practice. Bongard Landscaping has all three. Lack of these disciplines has caused many people to simply plant the wrong plant in the wrong environment. Can you imagine the disappointment of planting a shade loving plant in an area of full sun and then watch it shrivel and die?

Landscaping is no simple task. Anyone can buy some plants and trees, plant them, cross their fingers and hope they live and look good. It takes an experienced landscaper to make sure that everything planted will work well with everything else planted and ensure that they will all thrive. It takes knowledge of a variety of factors including, what exotics can be used.

Bongard Landscaping offers great landscaping services for a great value as well. We grow our own plants and trees and monitor the plants, trees, soils, weather and all of the many particulars that go into growing a beautiful and healthy plant, shrub, hedge or tree. Moreover, it takes a creative eye to get that perfect look to give your home the character it deserves. We know what native plants and palm trees live well in all of the various types of soil and weather conditions. Whether you need a gorgeous tropical landscape or a simple hedge, we can get the job done. Bongard Landscaping services Jupiter, Tequesta, North Palm Beach and the surrounding area. We will travel to most locations on a requested basis.