Bongard Landscaping and Nursery is located in Jupiter Farms, Florida, just off of Indiantown Road. Our nursery has over 100 species of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. We grow certain varieties in full sun, but we also have a 10,00 sq. ft. shade house where we grow other varieties that prefer shade. These species include Bromeliads, Peace Lilies, Ground Orchids, Elephant Ears, Lady Palms, Cordyline and many more. We grow a large variety of different species of palm trees. We also have many types of Bamboo and many types of Bougainvillea, both in bush and tree forms. Bongard Nursery’s knowledgeable staff will take you around the nursery in a golf cart to pick out everything you need. We also know that it will be a major savings in cost compared to the big chains. All of our materials are healthy and ready to be planted. We always keep our plants fertilized and sprayed to keep them healthy. If you are looking for something specific that we don’t have, we deal with many different nurseries all around the state, so we can ship plants in for you. We will deliver plants and palms to your house. We strive to always be happy and helpful. Please come to Bongard Nursery and Landscaping for all your future landscaping needs.

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