PLANT OF THE MONTH FIRESPIKE. (Odontonema strictum)

If you are looking for a plant that will bloom in sun or in shade, that has lovely red flowers for much of the year and attracts hummingbirds, then Firespike may be for you. Firespike may be best utilized in the landscape in a mass planting. Plants can be spaced about 2 feet apart to fill in the area quickly. It is one of only a few flowering plants that give good, red color in a partially shaded site. The lovely flowers also make firespike an excellent candidate for the cutting garden. This perennial may be grown on a wide range of moderately fertile, sandy soils and is quite drought tolerant. Firespike can be tender to cold but winter freezes help to control its size. You can prune this plant to the ground in the winter if hit by strong freeze. There are few known pests. It can grow to four feet but can be kept pruned and flowering at 2-3 feet. For more information call Bongard Nursery at 561-746-4240.